10 Tips To Loving Your Clients Well

Today’s business world is a cycle of marketing for clients, serving clients for monetary recompense, and then marketing for more clients.  Everyone says more is better and we often measure success by how many new clients are flocking to a certain business owner.  In lieu of income, running a business is more about constantly gaining new clients then pouring everything into your current and past clients. But is that really true?

When I stepped into the world of photography a couple of years ago, I was pouring all of my effort into gaining new clients instead of fiercely loving and serving the ones I already had.  I mean, I tried to be gracious and kind and helpful, but I didn’t really understand how to simultaneously pour everything into my current clients and yet grow my business and gain more customers … that is, until this year. . . 

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12 Months, 12 Self Portraits | part 1

Today, we're so excited to be featuring part 1 of an incredible creative project by two of our Delight girls.  At the end of 2016, Moriah set a goal to create a set of self portraits for each month of 2017, totaling 12 self portraits by the end of the year. Read on to hear more about her theme and inspiration behind each month and to see the product of her creativity! And stay tuned for part 2 with another Delight girl's "12 month, 12 self portrait" project! 

I was equipped with only a camera, a remote to connect to my camera, and a stack of books as a tripod...

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Marcia MullettComment
Creators for the Creator

If you sing, dance, do photography, graphic design, or culinary arts, you are automatically a creator! However, as women of God we are called to be different than other creators in today’s society. We are called to be creators for our creator. We don’t get our creativity by engaging in the world but rather by disengaging from it to intimately connect with the one who created us.

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Skirt | Meet Amelia

The story of Amelia begins in May 2016 in a Gabriel Bros in WV. I wasn't looking for anything in particular on this shopping trip, but when my eyes saw this amazing, ten dollar skirt, my heart knew I had to have her. She was perfect in every way! I obviously bought her, and after that I took her on every trip that year. From South Carolina on a beach trip, to Pennsylvania to visit a friend, to Washington to attend a life changing workshop at the Delight House, to Tennessee to attend yet another amazing Delight retreat, and so so so many other places I love. My love for a silly thing such as a skirt is big!

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The Maker of the makers

Where does your art come from?

You see yourself as a creative. Seeing an amazing photograph or really slick web design excites you. It gets your creative juices flowing, and soon the brainstorm has begun and you can't stop the downpour.

Maybe you are a writer, a designer, or a baker. Maybe you have a somewhat mundane job, but finding ways to be creative and different gives you a little thrill inside.

What is that feeling, anyway? It's almost tangible, you can just about taste it. It feels so strong and real, but somehow nameless at the same time.

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Taking a look at the [HE]ART

Let's talk about this thing called the heart. What actually is it? Because honestly, it's a seriously overused word. The power of what the heart is capable of is lost in the madness of this world.

We get excited about something, and we talk about our hearts. But then something new comes along, and our hearts are pulled in a different direction. The other thing isn't that fun anymore, it's taking actual work and time and this new thing is shiny and, oh! That giddy feeling? I'm pretty sure that is passion.....right?

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2017 In Review for Delight & Be

It's been a year for the books for Delight & Be and looking back fills our hearts to see all our God has done in 2017. Many lives changed where changed: we had 40 girls attend a Delight retreat or workshop. Our online group has reached over 1,200+ girls. Not to mention, the exciting productions we've been able to put out this year. 

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New Year, New Opportunity | Goal Setting 101

The New Year is almost upon us and I can hardly believe it! It feels like just yesterday I was counting down to midnight on December 31st and pulling a confetti popper string to release a shower of color. There are three hundred and sixty five days in a year which means three hundred and sixty five new opportunities to do something great. It is so important to grow every year and make the most of the time you are given. The most effective way of progressing is to create goals and plans for achieving them!

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3:33 Campaign | #DAYSOFDELIGHT

Alright, it’s time to have a serious chat, so if you can just excuse me for a minute. You can grab your coffee, or tea, or chocolate milk since I saw that seems to be a popular beverage of choice in our introductions, because if we were having this chat face to face we would definitely be at a coffee shop or in my home, in big, comfy chairs, with our souls and minds intent on a good heart to heart, on speaking the truth and speaking life to one another. I'm just going to warn you from the start that this heart to heart is going to be hard, but it’s going to be good too. It’s going to call you out and hopefully it’s going to call you to action for the sake of your future and for the sake of Delight’s future. 

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Igniting Your Belief This Christmas Season

I clutch onto the candle, look at the glimmering lights of the tree, and I know what my heart needs most this Christmas and every Christmas.

His light to penetrate my dark.

Sometimes that’s painful. I spent many mornings this season, in front of this little tree with God, praying like He’s my only hope again. When exactly did that stop being true in my heart? It is in that stillness, that I hear him:


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5 Songs to Add to Your Christmas Playlist

I don't know about you, but wow, this Christmas season has been going by so fast. I keep finding myself lost in the activity instead of being lost in the wonder of what we're celebrating. To just stop and remember: "He became flesh and made his dwelling among us." To quiet my heart and remember how low He stepped to give us a living hope. To move aside the busy, the excessive- return to the simplicity. the King has come. Repeat the sounding joy. the Savior reigns. 

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Count it Joy and Rejoice

We are able to rejoice always when we hold a deep confidence that our God is sovereign and that our lives are in his loving hands COMPLETELY. It is from this deep trust in who God is, that is only developed by meditating on his word daily and spending time in his presence, can we rejoice always. Joy in the Lord is not superficial happiness based on circumstances, but steady and certain, because the faithfulness, love, and grace of God never change. 

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Authentic Worship

What is authentic worship? This question has been bouncing around in my rib cage since I began worship leading 7 years ago. I remember feeling the pressure in middle school and high school to prove my relationship and intimacy with God to others through my outward expression of praise. God soon revealed to me some key practices to develop real, true, authentic worship within myself and within the congregation. I’m going to share 3 of them with you, to hopefully start an ongoing conversation of authentic worship in the Church.

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An Introduction to Bullet Journaling

If you’re anything like me, you’re an organizer. When I cross off all the tasks on my to-do list, I feel like I could practically rule the world. My personal problem was finding a planner that was customizable and suited all my organizational needs. I have tried over 10 different planners with no luck! So, my mission was clear: find a way to combine a planner, to-do list, journal, and normal notebook into one. I couldn’t find anything I was happy with until I came across bullet journaling.

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Delight & Be Merry

So I’m reading my favorite verses in the bible…Philippians 4, like I’ve done probably thousands of times in my life.  There's Christmas music floating around the room and all the amazing smells

All of a sudden, these words stood out like they were bigger than the rest of the text.  I couldn’t look past it.  And finally, I realized God was speaking to me.

Okay, Lord, I get it.  This is something You want to teach me.

This is what it said: REJOICE ALWAYS.

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Be MerryKate DommelComment
the Magazine | a peak inside & behind the scenes

What you are seeing in these beautiful images are a dream come true for me! Delight & Be started as what I thought was to be a one-time photography retreat in the foothills of the North Cascades Mountains. That was five years ago... On a wintery day in January of 2016, I had just picked up leaders who had flown in to lead a photography workshop at the Delight House. Stephanie Nunley was sitting next to me in the passenger seat & I said “Yeah, it is crazy, but I have this dream of having a magazine for Delight someday!”

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The Power in Your Praise

How do you enter into your quiet time with Jesus or as Psalm 100:4 would say, his “gates”? Do you start with requests, complaints, or do you simply not enter his “gates” at all? I love how the same scriptures that tells us that we will have much trouble, also instructs us to enter His courts with praise. I believe it’s because there is power in our praise. Why?

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How to Shoot in Kelvin White Balance | Tutorial

We're excited to bring to you this super simple and straight-forward tutorial from our very own Delight girl, Ariella Langley. She's going to show us how to shoot with Kelvin temperature. Bonus: Scroll down to watch her step by step video!

Shooting in Kelvin White Balance is pretty amazing, guys! I can’t wait to show you how I do it so you can start trying it out yourself! Just like anything else - shooting in Manual, back button focusing or any other awesome thing you learn in photography - it will take a few tries to get used to. But as you will see, once you do, it’s so quick and so worth it!

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